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Subscription Terms of Services

Subscription Terms of Services
Subscription Terms of Services 1
General Inclusions and Exclusions that applies to all Our Service Contracts.
  1. We will not include any costs to gain access to Your system, built in appliance, built or buried pipeworks (inside or outside your home) or wires
  2. We will not repair, dripping taps on central heating filling loops that only leak when in use.
  3. Repairing faults deemed intermittent or recurring
  4. We will not carryout upgrades that are required to improve Your boiler, central heating, plumbing drains or electric system due to poor condition.
  5. Replacing or repairing parts that do not affect how Your boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains or electric system works, or decorative or specialist parts.
  6. Removing asbestos associated with repairing the boiler, central heating or plumbing system.
  7. When You have had any asbestos removed, You must give Us a clean air certificate before We will do any further work at Your property.  By law, the person who removes the asbestos must give You a clean air certificate.
  8. We will not give you any cash alternatives instead of a Service or Work.
  9. We will not replace corrosion or any parts that have corroded.
  10. We will not carryout and repairing or replacing of steel, lead or iron pipes.
  11. We will not repair damages or breakdowns caused by or problem related to changes to: the gas, electricity or water services.
  12. We will not continue services where We reasonable consider that there is a health and safety risk, including the presence of dangerous materials, infestations, or harassment of our staff (including verbal or physical abuse).
  13. We will not start working until there is no longer a risk, to health and safety.
  14. We will not carryout repairs where parts are no longer available.
  15. We will not carryout repairs maintenance or repair of Your boiler, central heating or plumbing system which is covered under the manufacturers guarantee.
  16. We will not carryout repairs to utility services, connections, electricity cables or any equipment not situated within your property.
Beyond Economic Repair (BER):
  1. After an engineer has attended and diagnosed the reported problem, We will calculate the total cost of repair including parts and labour (including VAT) if its not part of Your package
Here are the elements of the range of plans and what they include and exclude
  1. What is included in your plan is determined by the plan You choose:
Cooling off period
  1. Residential customers; can cancel within 14 days of registering. The basic length of this agreement is 24 months for domestic and residential customers and residential Landlords
  2. Business customers; can cancel within 14 days of registering. The basic length of this agreement is 36 months including commercial Landlords
When can you use the services?
  1. You cannot use the services within the first 30 days of registering. Your contract is payed 30 days in advance, so your 1st payment covers this period.
24 Hours Online & Telephone Support
  1. Our Helpline is available for all registered customers providing access through a local telephone number during office opening hours and a mobile number for out of office hours.
  2. The Out of office Emergency Help Lines is open from 18:00pm – 08:59am, Mondays –Fridays and Saturdays – Sundays 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Boiler Emergency Breakdown Services
  1. We will assist You by providing labour, parts and materials involved in repairing or rectifying the breakdown of Your domestic boiler, domestic Heating controls. Repairs or replacements to the following: Thermostats, frost stats, clocks, timers and programmers. Repairs to a single gas or oil fired boiler (dependent on the plan taken) including any manufacturer fitted parts inside Your boiler.
Annual Boiler Servicing
  1. An annual boiler service to Your single gas or oil fired boiler (dependent on the plan taken) in accordance with regulations and industry standards. Appointments will usually take place between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, and will be subject to our engineers’ availability.
Carbon Monoxide Detector Check and Servicing
  1. This applies only to stand alone detectors and no more than 2 shall be checked and services at any one callout request for assistance. Parts is not included were mentioned in the package comparison and were parts are mention it only applies to batteries for only two devices.
Tiling, Grout and Seals Check
  1. This applies to the main areas of the property (No sheds or out houses). We will check for wear and tears or damages and let you know the effect it is having on your property. We will not carryout any repairs to your tiling, grouting or seals (Depending on your chosen package).
  2. However at your request, we can provide a free no obligation quote to rectify any problem or damages.
Windows and Doors Check
  1. We will inspect and check all your doors and windows for defects or problems and give you a verbal or written report. If you have our Premium package, we can make your doors or windows safe. We do not install new windows as part of this package.
  2. However at your request, we can provide a free no obligation quote to rectify any problem or damages to include quotes for new installations.
Personal Job Portal
  1. You can report a problem to us via email, via the telephone or using our online portal. We encourage all clients to use our online portal because your request for an engineer will go straight into our monitoring systems and to the relevant engineers 365 days a year.
Electrical Breakdowns
  1. We will assist You and provide labour, parts and materials involved in repairing or rectifying the breakdown of Your domestic or commercial electrics repairs (Premium Package Only) to the following: Internal mains electric wiring, fuse boards and circuit breakers, sockets & switches.
  2. We do not carryout light bulb changes as part of this plan but at your request we can provide you with a quote for this service
  3. Note! If the safety earthing arrangements in your property do not meet the standards set out in the current Institute of Electrical Engineers regulations, we will tell you what work is needed to correct any problem.
  4. The engineer on site will decide whether work can go ahead. The cost of any work required to bring your system or installation up to current standards will be agreed with You prior to the commencement of any works undertaken.
Fire-Safety Equipment Checks
  1. We will inspect your fire safety equipments including fire blankets, smoke detectors (domestic customers) and if you are a commercial customer this includes extinguishers, fire hose, fire panels and provide verbal or written report (Premium or custom plan only) or quotes to bring you into compliance.
  2. This is checking your system and then advising you on what needs doing. At your request we are happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote to bring things up to compliance.
Smoke Detectors
  1. We will inspect your domestic smoke detectors once each year and give you a report (depending on your package). Each engineer will carry batteries for the detectors and if you have chosen our (Premium or custom plan), they will replace up to 2 device batteries free upon inspection.
  2. We can replace your domestic detectors at a cost to you to meet British standard
  3. Domestic Standard BS 5839-6: 2013 / BS EN 14604
Commercial detectors:
  1. We will inspect and test your system once each year and give you a report. If your system is not compliant we can provide a free no obligation quote in order to help you bring these into compliance.
  2. We will provide your system to meet British Regulation
  3. Commercial Standard BS 5839-1:2013 
Roofing Surveys
  1. We inspect all roof and surfaces to include garden roof at no extra cost. Depending on your plan we will provide you with either a verbal report about the conditions of your roof or a written report (Premium or custom plan only) and a free no obligation quote for repairs or replacement roof.
Hot water Tanks
  1. We will inspect Your hot water tanks and recommend ways in which to make Your hot water tank operate more efficiently and effectively. Where works is needed we can also provide you with a free no obligation quote.
Free Quote & Estimations
  1. Where your plans stipulate that a check is included (Premium or custom plan only), we usually give you a written report of the problems automatically and provide you with a quote upon request. We provide all other quotes on the request of all our customers free at no cost and no callout charges.
Property Maintenance Checks
  1. We will carry out an observation inspection of the entire property and provide you with a report of the condition of your property from a visual perspective.
  2. Should you require a conditional survey to be carried out we will inform you of the cost factor involved, before carrying out such a work.
Plumbing Emergencies
  1. We will assist you (depending on your package) with labour, parts and materials involved in repairing or rectifying the breakdown of your plumbing system. Repairs to the following: Hot & cold water pipes, cold water tanks and overflows.
Patio and Driveways Checks & Servicing
  1. We will carry out a visual inspection of your patio or driveway.
  2. We will provide servicing to repair damages which endanger live (Premium or Custom Plan Only)  but not normal wears and tears to include water damages, brick displacements cause by car driving in and out, or parking, damages caused by , fire, natural disasters negligence, act of god and or malicious damages cause by you, a friend, visitors or family members.
Air Conditioning
  1. We will carry-out checks and servicing to your domestic and commercial air conditioning unit (Premium or Custom Plan Only).
  2. This is only a servicing package and we will not repair your units.
  3. This also does not include installing a new AC unit; however we can provide this service at a cost to you.
Boiler & Central Heating
  1. Commercial and domestic boilers; we will provide a reactive maintenance service to any fault develop by faulty boiler or problem affecting your central heating. We will not consider changing the time on your timer unit as part of this service.
  2. A single domestic or commercial unit only unless otherwise agreed by Savida FM to carryout additional services.
  3. We will not repair damages caused by limescale, sludge or other debris.
Annual Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)
  1. Our engineers will conduct one, safety and operational checks in any 12 month period. Our engineers will usually carry out this service at around the same time each calendar year.
  2. This will depend on their workload and Your appointment preferences.
  3. If You are within the first 12 months of Your service Contract with Us and you require a gas safety inspection earlier, this can be done at a discounted fixed price
Guttering & Down Pipes Clean
  1. If you’re Guttering and or down pipe are block, we will carryout a reactive cleaning to the affected area.
  2. We will not carryout this work as part of a routine maintenance service, but as part of a reactive service to any blockages only.
  3. We can replace any damage pipe at a cost to you or provide you with a quote if required.
  4. Guttering or blockages that has built up over a period will not be considered as part of this service; However a quote for carrying out the gutter or down pipe clearing/cleaning work can be provided by the engineer on the ground.
Shower & Wash Hands Basin Traps Clean
  1. We will carryout a clean of your shower or wash hand basin trap if there is a blockage which is causing you inconveniences.
  2. We will provide you with solution prior to use attending onsite.
  3. No parts are included with this type of work.
Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  1. We will carryout a EICR check of your electrical wiring and advice you on any work need doing to bring your system up to the present legislation or complaincing. This service does not include any work undertaken other than an inspection.
  2. You will not receive a certification if it is not stipulated in your package.
  3. This is a one-off safety inspection of your mains connected electrical wiring and electrical fixtures, including the fuse box and is carried out every 5 years.
  4. If you require a faster route to getting a EICR, we can carry this out at a fix cost to you.
  5. We can also provide a quote for carrying out the repairs at your request.
What’s not included?
  1. Any repairs to faults identified during testing and inspection
  2. Re-checking any faults once you’ve repaired them
Electrical Maintenance Checks
  1. All checks to the mains electrical system and wiring on your property including:
  2. The fuse box, light fittings, switches, sockets, isolation switches and your immersion heater timer switch
  3. Extractor fans up to 15cm in diameter
  4. Doorbells and smoke alarms that are connected to the wiring
  5. Outside lighting as long as it’s fixed to your property or outbuildings and fitted less than 5 metres above ground;
  6. and Your electric vehicle charging unit, if installed by us or one of our approved subcontractors
Fixture & Fitting Servicing
  1. We will carryout repairs to the following Fixtures and Fittings listed. We will only replace parts supply by our approve dealers and supplied by us.
  2. Should you require our engineer to fit a part supplied by you then our daily rate applies.
  3. Our engineer will discuss this with you before carrying out any job or you can see our daily rate by visiting rates.
Built-in Appliances (IO)Medicine Cabinet (RO)Curtain Rails, Tracks & Poles (RO)
Cupboards (RO)Carpet (IO)Curtain Fittings & Blind Repairs (REP)
Built in Cupboards (RO)Cooker (IO)Attach to wall Toothbrush Holders (REP)
Cutlery Rack (RO)Mirrors (REP)Door Bell (REP)
Double Glazing (IO)Shower or Bath Unit (RO)Gas/Electric Fires Repairs (RO)
Exterior Door Furniture (REP)Spice Rack (RO)Fitted to a wall Heater (RO)
Extractor Fan (REP)Towel Rail (RO)Heaters (IO)
Fitted Shelves (RO)Window Fitments (RO)Interior Door Furniture (REP)
Blinds (REP)Lamp Shades/Bulbs (REP)Pelmets (RO)
Burglar Alarm (IO)Plug & Sockets (REP)Shaver Fitting (RO)
Shower Fittings & Curtain (RO)Shutters & Grills (RO)Attach to the wall Soap Holder (REP)
Toilet Fittings (RE)Wall Fittings (shelves/mirrors etc.) (REP)(RO)Washing Machine (IO)
RO =Repairs OnlyREP = Replacement OnlyIO = Inspection Only
  Underground Drainage Checks
  1. Were your package mentioned check only, we will inspect your drain and provide you with a verbal report of the problem and the work need doing. Written report can be provided at a cost to you.
Jet Clean Underground Drain
  1. We will carryout out or pay for any subcontractor to carryout any Jet clean of your underground drainage.
  2. Were your plan mentioned a check only, we will inspect your drain and provide you with a verbal report of the problem and the work need doing. (Custom plan only)
Silicone & Bathroom Areas
  1. We will inspect and report on up to 5 areas in your property and provide you with a verbal report of the condition of your affected area.
  2. We will also provide you with a written no obligation quote to carryout the required job at your request.
Heating System Power Flushing
  1. We will assist You by providing labour, parts and materials involved in repairing or rectifying the breakdown of – a process where we remove sludge from your central heating system.
Plumbing Fixture & Fitting Checks
  1. We will inspect all your plumbing fixture and fittings on your property including:
  2. Your hot and cold water pipes between your internal stopcock up to, and including your taps and garden taps and the flexible pipes. The hot water cylinder and cold water tanks including immersion heaters, toilet siphons, isolation, ball and radiator valves;
  3. Checks only on Your water supply pipe from the boundary of your property to your home.
  4. We will replace a pair of taps to a single item of sanitary ware with cost of replacement taps paid for by the clients.
Callout Charges Vs Callout Jobs limit
  1. We will respond to your callout according to our emergency schedule of arrival see table below. All call out charges are payable once a repair request is being reported.
  2. You do not need to pay for your repairs; Repairs are free once you have paid your callout charges.
  3. Callout can only be for one specific trade and is base on a one hour workload at anyone time.
  4. If a repair require more than one hours, our hourly or daily rates will apply.
  5. The engineer will confirm with you before the job is undertaken.
Appointment Booking – Tenants / Agents
  1. Your tenant managing agent or other 3rd party can call Us directly to ask for an engineer appointment or repair under Your service Contract.
  2. Under Your service Contract they can also arrange for Your annual Gas Safety Certificate CP12 to be carried out.
  3. However “if applies” the caller will be responsible for paying any callout charges; “Please inform the caller before hand of this”
Parts & Labour
  1. We will only supply domestic parts where your plan stated that parts will be supplied (Premium or Custom Plan Only). We will not supply parts if the damages is caused by your negligence or negligence caused by others of your household, family or friends or another engineer.
  2. All parts come with a warranty of 12 month and we will repair or replace such parts at no extra cost to you.
  3. Reactive repairs jobs are warranted up to 30 days.
  4. We will not fit any parts supplied by a client.
  5. Client can have their parts fitted by us by paying our hourly or daily rate.
Charges We have 5 packages for each of the following services;
  1. Landlords = 4 Plans
  2. Residential Home Owners = 4 Plans
  3. Small Businesses = 4 Plans
  4. Small Enterprises = 4 Plans
  5. Commercial Businesses 12 Plans
  6. There are no callout charges and free repairs up to one hour. If we cannot fix the problem in one hour you will be informed by our engineers. If we need to continue an agreement of charges will be discuss and approved by you before we continue.
  7. We strive to always carryout all reactive maintenance within one hour.
  8. And only in rear cases a repair job requires us to go more than that time.
  1. Callout charges need to be paid via our telephone or email or portal or invoice (business customers only) payment services.
  2. We can also arrange for a promise to pay credit line, with no interest or charges to our customers to cover your repairs at our sole discretion. (Commercial or domestic customers)
  3. Creditors of this nature will be given up to 21 days to pay the outstanding payments.
  4. Action will be initiated should we not receive a payment as promise within 21 days. By using these services you’re agreeing to our legal processes in recovering this debt which may include the full recourses of the British Law on debt collections.
  5. You are also agreeing to the terms and condition of our collecting agencies to recovering any outstanding above mentioned debt.
  6. Our engineers is authorised to calculate, quote and take payment onsite and will discuss these steps with you beforehand.
  1. We will not provide any refund once a job has been completed or in completion.
  2. Part refund maybe given on jobs that are not completed at our discretion.
  3. We do not give refund on subscription services and membership, unless the problem is that of the company or its partners or subsidiaries.
  4. Callout charges are none refundable.
Our guarantee
  1. Under this policy, the workmanship and any part(s) used by us to solve a problem will be guaranteed for a period of twelve months parts, and 30 days for workmanship from the date the work has been completed.
  2. Where appropriate, we may advise you that the needed or required remedial or maintenance work, may need to be undertaken by you in order to bring your installation up to a suitable standard; or to prevent a future incident.
  3. Such work will be at your own cost.
  1. We always aim to do our best, however, there maybe times when things go wrong.
  2. If you have a complaint about Our services, products, staffs, including our engineers, or subcontractors, please contact Us, using the contact details specified below.
  3. We aim to deal with none emergency complaints within 14 working days and emergencies within 7 working days. However, if we need to investigate further then we will inform you giving you more information and updates. We will keep you regularly informed about the progress of our investigation.
E: Write to us: Savida Business Centre, 111 North Hyde Road London UB3 4NR   Callout Table
Emergency 1Emergency 2Emergency 3Routine Callout 1Routine callout 2Routine Callout 3
2-4 Hours5-8 HoursWithin 24 hoursUp to 14 daysUp to 21 daysBy appointment


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