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savida Subscription Maintenance Services

Looking after your environment!

We have created a property maintenance revolution of one of the most demanded services throughout the UK.

If you are a homeowner, landlord, management company or a local housing provider, we can save you money.

Our subscription services provide 24 hours care for your property at no extra cost. What you pay when registering will always be, what you will always pay. 

Our subscription packages also include some extra ordinary maintenance services, that has never been offered by any maintenance company within the UK before now.

6 reasons why you should use our subscription services
14 days free trials

When you join our subscription services, your 14 days free trials will be automatically applied to your account. During your trial period, you can contact us for any emergencies breakdown, within your chosen package.

No hiden charges

We do not have any hidden charges. Upon your registration the prices that you saw is the price you pay each month guaranteed. This will allow you to plan your finances, having peace of mind knowing that all your emergency expenses are covered.

Value for Money

Each year emergency maintenance services cost homeowners, landlords and small business a lot of money. One of the main cost is manpower hours. With us you will never have to pay for manpower for the life of your chosen plan*.

Vulnerable People Package

Disable and OHP, struggle each month to keep up with their bills and the cost of maintaining their surroundings. We have create a special package to ensure that you are taken care of. You get priority callout as basics to ensure your environment is well look after.

Qualified Engineering Staff

What good is an maintainance services without the right staff. Our engineers are quaklified in their fields to carryout your work. Over the next 5 years we will ensure that all our engineers are all City & Guild qualified to even improve more on their skills.

Worldwide Access

We have one of the most unique portal in the UK. As a subscription member, your able to login into our system from any were around the world and report a issue with your property. Now you will never worry about a leak when youron holidays.

Still not sure what you need?

We offer various other services that will inculcate looking after your facility or construction needs. Our extensive networking with other companies nationwide, has grant us the privileged to establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relations and reliable partnership to bring you the services of your choice


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