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Small business owners or operators: is the cost maintenance and repairs for your property a strong concerns? Is this eating a hole into your bottom line?

As a business owner or operator you may already know that your boilers and electrical system need checking once a year. This includes regular maintenance of your plumbing and indoor fixtures and fittings.  We are the first and the only company to offer you emergency and regular routine call out services of this nature.

This type of service is especially great for Doctor Surgeries, Children Centers, Pharmacies, High Street Shops, Restaurants, Private and Public Venues, Small and Large Businesses; who want to cut back on cost whilst keeping their environment clean, safe and within the law of complaincing. Therefore Savida will provide well train professionals, skilled maintenance operatives to attend to your reported problems....

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The best subscription maintenance services for small businesses save £0,000 using our service

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Reduce business facility services available for a limited time only 

For most small businesses the worry is how much it will cost each year to maintain their properties. Or can they afford the upkeep to meet their client’s demands without having to break the bank? Well this is now possible - we have developed 4 maintenance services packages to address this matter.

We are the first company to offer, fixtures and fittings callouts to small business properties.
Also we have added boiler broken, plumbing and electrical emergencies; fixing your kitchen cupboards and much more  


You also receive 24 hours callout, no excess and 24 hours support. We are talking saving your business a lot of money and time. How do we do it? Well we use technology for starters; but it’s all down to our hard working management and staff. They are all well trained and qualified in there respected fields. 

Our maintenance services is design with businesses in mind. If you own or operates a high street shop, small, medium or large business; our maintenance packages will enable you to predict your expenses.