When choosing a facility services provider you need to know that their services can meet your needs, not just in the coming days or months, but for years to come. The leisure industry is a segment of business focused on recreation, entertainment, sports, and much more. In relation to such needs, Savida Facility & Construction is focusing on helping you to maintain that capability by managing your everyday maintenance requirements.

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Savida is a leading name in the provision of first class support services for the leisure industries. We will be operating in this sector for decade to come and will grow an impressive sports and leisure portfolio which will ensure our clients benefit from our considerable expertise and experience. We provide services to venues and leisure properties such as listed below. Venues that are highlighted can signup to our package maintenance services and start saving today.

Night Clubs


Rugby Clubs
Football Clubs
Pubs & Wine Bar
Spa Centers
Private Members Club
Beds & Breakfast Properties

Community Theater
Film Festival
Music Festival

We appreciate that it is vital for your operations to be running at all time for small and large leisure facilities. As for leisure facilitates we are able to adapt to the different seasons and weather and provide a proactive and organised service so you’re all ready for new business. We take pride in satisfying our clients and giving them the best service 24 hours a day every day.