The world as we know it is changing and your business as we know it has to adopt to meet those changes. This is where we soar in. Savida Facility & Construction Network covers some 17 deferent sectors and is always adding to its ingenuous experience and talents to meet your needs; in other words we are capitalizing on knowledge and experience to benefit your homes, business or investments.

Savida construction and facility management services are different from other companies. We provide services to various sectors across the United Kingdom using timely and unique services skills and technology. We cover skilled areas such as:

Facility Management
Domestic & Commercial Cleaning
Total Security Services
Technical Engineering
Venue & Catering Management
Leisure & Hospitality 
Housing Association

Utilities & Energy Management 
Property Maintenance & Repairs
Construction & Maintenance
HealthCare Sectors
Government & Private Sector
Education & Nurseries
Business Support

Property Maintenance
Construction & Maintenance
Information technology
Retail and wholesale
Manufacturing & Wholesale
Local Authority 






Savida construction and facility management services also offer professional, skilled and well trained qualified engineers should the need arise. This is an alternate to using an employment agency, without the big cash payout or technical contract. Employment agencies exert themselves to match employers with employees. At Savida we don’t have to go searching for suitable prospect because these are our own employees, who are already qualified and willing to be assigned to new contract to help out for the good of facility management & construction businesses alike.

How does this work? Well if you are a facility organisation, a construction company, a private organisation with your own in house maintenance staff, we can interject where you have a skill shortage. This also applies if you are a facility manager, a construction manager looking to boaster your maintenance contracting obligations. Alternatively you can contact us to discuss using our repairs and maintenance services. Or you can simple view our variety of services to see how we can best suit your requirements. Click here to view our services or here for our special engineering services

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Facility for Warehouses, high street shops, and supply chains is also one of our specialties. We have developed special packages to assist the small businesses in keeping to its legal obligation. Our packages or affordable and can be customized to suit any budget. If you are a franchise why not also see how our maintenance packages sync right into your plans. This will also be a great service to pass on to your franchisees. See our deals here or simple contact us, we will be more than happy to walk you through each process until you’re happy with the cost and services we provide.


Savida construction and facility management services also cover your homes. Our construction service is second to none. We can cover your next project from start to finish all under one roof. This means speed, accuracy and lower cost. Our after service team is also at your disposal after completion. Using our services is better than using another contractor who has to sort other subcontractors who may not be as reliable. Using us give you a massive advantage because all your needs is under one roof. We can also offer our architectural services, supplying of materials and much more to ensure that your project is consistence. 


Education and Healthcare sector: we can provide not only our project management services in the field of construction, cleaning and landscaping but also our top-notch repairing services. We offer discount and fix rate for nurseries, schools, and care homes to include care homes located in blocks (Block management) or single care homes. We also offer venue management to help you accumulate extra dividend. If your venue is not in use we can get it started and let you start earning that much needed cash. If your venue is operating we can enhance it in every way guaranteed.