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residential Landlords
breakdown & maintenance services

Savida collected services being the most sought after according to our experience. Learn more about each of pricing plans and select the most suitable for you or your company. If you have any additional questions, please contact us, and our manager will get back to you with the details.

Basic Package

Basic Emergencies
£ 19
  • Boiler Breakdown Checks
  • Central Heating Checks
  • Emergency Electrical Checks
  • Emergency Plumbing Checks
  • Inside & Outside Property Checks
  • 24 Hours Online Support
  • Plus 12 other services

Gold Package

Include Central Heating
£ 66
  • Central Heating Checks*
  • Boiler Breakdown Checks*
  • Emergency electrical Servicing
  • Plumbing Emergency Servicing
  • Inside & Outside Property Checks
  • Fixture & Fittings Servicing
  • Plus 16 other services
best seller

Premium Package

Include Central Heating Certification
£ 89
  • Central Heating Servicing
  • Boiler Breakdown Servicing
  • CP 12 Certification
  • Emergency Electrical Servicing*
  • Emergency Plumbing Servicing*
  • Fixture & Fitting Servicing
  • Inside & Outside Property Inspection
  • Plus 24 other services

Custom Package

Good for Multiple Occupation
£ 99
from £99.99 Monthly
  • Central Heating Servicing
  • Boiler Breakdown Servicing
  • CP12 Certiifcation
  • Emergency Electrical Servicing
  • Emergency Plumbing Servicing
  • Fixture & Fittings Servicing
  • Plus up to 24 other services
  • Ability to add or remove features

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