Savida FM & Construction Network Limited;
has been a well-known leader in helping property owners for 15 years, drive performance and operational efficiency, bringing its you the expertise and tools needed to help create and sustain your project success. We provides highly experienced project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

project management

Flexible Enough to Meet Your Needs
Whether you require resources long term or short term, Savida FM has the flexibility and talent to accommodate your resource needs.

We specialize in:
Managing strategic, mission-critical initiatives: Our clients utilize our consultants when they can't afford program or project failure - even staffing companies turn to us!

Recovering troubled projects: Our consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.


Interim leadership: We can take charge of PMOs and similar organizations, run them for you for short or long term duration, and transition them back to you when you're ready.

Filling skill set gaps: If your people are proficient in some areas but not so much in others (e.g., risk management), we can provide the expertise you need. We can also help better manage key resource dependency issues.

Supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity: From Construction Analysts to Project Controllers to Program Managers, Construction Managers we can help fill your staffing shortages.

Available Resources:
· PMO Consultants
· Program Managers
· Mentors and Coaches
· Recovery Experts
· Quality Assurance Managers
· Project Managers
· IT Project Managers
· Project Controllers
· Project Planners/ Schedulers
· Business Analysts
· Trainers



Project Management
In order to get a building site to run smoothly, someone has to manage the processes. They have to ensure that the right people are hired in the right order and that the correct materials are on site as and when needed, as well as checking that the work is carried out properly and that the site is left clean and safe everyday.

Project managers have to keep things on the critical path.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen by magic: a neat ratio to bear in mind is that for every seven hours spent ‘on the tools’, one hour needs to be set aside for managing the whole process in order to do it efficiently.
Often, this work is carried out by self builders themselves and therefore gets lost in the overall cost analysis. It’s rarely costed separately unless you specifically hire a project manager to run the site on your behalf, where additional fees would be charged for travel and office overheads.

All our clients receive free project management*

*We take over and manage your project even though you may have already started and contracted out your project to another contractor. Contact us to find out how you can receive this free service. 020 7856 0119