How to Transform a Semi-Detached Home
The semi-detached home is the backbone of Britain’s housing stock, and a quintessential part of the streetscape in most villages, towns and cities.
Remodelling and/or extending this type of property is not without its challenges, however. Unlike the detached home, there is a significant factor which could impact, and even put the breaks on your project ambitions — the neighbouring home with which the property shares a party wall.

Savida Self and New Build?
Building your own home is the only way to create the home of your dreams with massive savings. This is a quick, general guide for those wondering what it’s all about
According to research approximately one million people in the UK would like to build their own home in the next year. This is what is known in the industry as self build, and it is estimated that around 11,000 self build homes are completed each year.
Self building, of course, does not necessarily mean picking up bricks and physically getting stuck in on site. In fact, less than 10% of all homebuilding projects involve the owner being significantly involved with the actual building process


20 things you may can do without planning permissions using the Permitted Development scheme?
Under Permitted Development Rights you are able to undertake certain projects without needing to apply for planning permission:

Internal remodelling
Windows and doors
Garages and attached buildings
Single storey extensions
Roof lights
Loft conversions
Two storey extensions
Sheds and outbuildings

Converting two homes into one
Gates, walls and fences
Swimming pools
Adding vehicular access
Cladding and exteriors

Solar panels
Change of use to residential (school, church, barn, mill etc. conversions)


Addressing the Existing Floor-plan
Whether you intend to extend or perhaps add a basement, or simply hope to update a semi-detached home, the starting point for any major project is a thorough look at the existing layout. As yourself these questions to help identify your needs for the space:

Does it work for you and your family?
Do you use every room, or are there rooms rarely used or areas which represent dead space?

Are there walls that can be opened up to create more usable rooms?
“You don’t necessarily need to add a large extension or masses of space to achieve the home you want. More efficient use of the existing space can often be better than adding more floor area,” begins architect Stuart Fullerton, whose own remodeled and extended semi-detached home is shown below.