We have developed 4 plans that will suit your organisation making your work a lot easier and less complicated in managing your clients properties. We are also one of the first company to be offering you a social landlord type repairing services by adding fixtures and fitting emergency repair services to your plans. You can also add as many properties to you plans as you which and receive access to our UK wide engineering staff 365 days of the year. 

Landlord and Managing Agent plans start from as low as £39.99 now £29.99


We’ve worked with many residential and commercial landlords over the last 15 years, from new landlords to experienced investor landlords with vast property portfolios. During that time, we’ve built a strong, professional relationship with our landlords, and understand the importance of delivering an outstanding maintenance service and whilst striving to exceed expectations. So if you are a estate agent or part of a housing management company, you can save £0,000 on our repairs and maintenance deals. TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN HELP CONTACT US NOW


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TENANTS                                                          Choose a package above and start saving

With over 15 years experience in the housing and construction sectors, Savida have seen their fair share of tenants living in deplorable conditions due to landlords and managing agent neglect. Now as a tenant you can do something about it. You can now recommend our services to your landlord and earn monetary reward for doing so. See our recommendation scheme here. This will allow you to live in better conditions and save your landlord or managing agent a lot of time and money and nip all your worries in the bud.



Surefix offers 4 levels of comprehensive landlord’s emergency and nonemergency repairs package.  What’s more, we have a network of quality-approved technicians and engineers throughout the UK.

Our landlord emergency plans cover many common residential and commercial property emergencies, from burst pipes to central heating and boiler failures. The cost of our landlord’s emergency breakdown services starts at only £29.99 and you can add multiple properties to your account by contacting our friendly customer services team. 



A fixture is usually an item that has been annexed to a property to such an extent that it becomes part of it. Over a period of time this will need maintenance or in emergency it may come apart from the building. Savida fixture and fittings services can help you maintain the following, listed below. We only cover projects that have already been in place. Please see our T&C for more information.

Light fixtures
Central heating systems (inc. radiators)
Kitchen units
Bathroom suites (excl tissue, tooth brush holders)
Built-in wardrobes only
Plugs and sockets

Paintings, pictures, and mirrors (all ready hung on the wall)
Curtains rails
Cupboards or shelf units

*Only reactive maintenance provided for this service.