Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Our vision and values guide everything that we do and help to form a code of conduct for our employees and a quality and ethics reference point for our clients. Our social responsibilities are an integral part of our business culture and are especially relevant to the challenges we face in the construction industry.

Service Accessibility

Our core service is housing and business reactive repairs that are easily accessible through a wide range of service information and resources, both online and via our customer services help desk. We will provide professional assistance in using our reporting and monitoring system, along with services for people with special needs, including pensioners and vulnerable community members.
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Service Integrity

We value: the needs of each house-hold, businesses and community to reach each reported repairs within our proposed response time.
Keep improving the professionalism of our staff along with effective communication, including all feedback's about our services so that our clients can have that essence of a valuable experience  

Performance Excellence

Savida is dedicated to the provision of a high level of service. We are one of the public most well-known household reactive maintenance service providers. We are also a part of a country-wide network of Facility Companies within the United Kingdom. We are the focal point for household, Landlords and businesses, providing a source of a wide range of building repairs and maintenance services.


Investing In People

Savida FM is dedicated to improving the performance and well being of its employees. We invest in developing the skills of our staff, focusing not only on technical ability but also a sense of professionalism and fairness in dealing with clients, suppliers and subcontractors. We allocate a significant proportion of our corporate investment to training and development to strengthen our team – one of our key assets.

Sustainable Development

Savida FM is sincere in its corporate responsibility to support low carbon emission, renewable natural energy, responsible resourcing, sustainable drainage systems, sustainable homes, waste to landfills control and minimum site water usage. Through early engagement at the project inception stage, we undertake value engineering and project planning and management to motivate our clients to understand the need for specifications and standards which support sustainable development.

Safe Working Environment

Savida FM, consider health, safety and security in the working environment a basic but important part of our operations. We aim to create safe working environments in all our business activities.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Savida FM is committed morally and culturally to being an equal opportunity employer and we have set up procedures and measures to implement, monitor and continuously improve within our human resources procurement.

Social Cultural Diversity

As a fast-growing employer, Savida FM recruits its employees, and expands its supply chain, from a variety of cultural groups and ethnicities. By working with people from different cultures, we are continuously improving and developing our corporate culture. The company is committed to developing English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESoL) courses to facilitate better interpersonal relationships and corporate integration.

Community Well-being

Savida FM whole heartedly agrees with the philosophy that the well-being of communities will create the right environment for the future.We want to collaborate with those who share our view and will make every effort to create and promote well-being in the community.

Customer Focus

We will give attention to your complaints – if we make a mistake we will apologise and fix it, quickly and fairly. We’ll be helpful and give you intelligent advice. Our knowledge means that we can give you intelligent technical advice – we won’t try to sell you, the services that best enhances our bottom line – we’ll sell the services that are best for you.