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We are the only private company to offer these types of services to homeowners and landlords. This type of service is usually available to social sector tenants were you ring your the council and they come out. Today Savida is leading the way in offering all household this service. With over 15 years working in the housing and construction sector we are better placed to offer you this one of a kind service.

The best deal on the market for residential customers
Some of what is included are your:
Roof            Driveway           Fencing            Electrical           Plumbing
Windows         Doors              Locksmith          Flooring             Drains
Down pipes      Walls              Gates              Fixture              Fittings

Facility services starting from £39.99 now starts from £29.99 for limited time only


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style 1 gold

style 1 diamond

There are no set definitions for what constitutes a fixture or a fitting, but generally Savida services consider fixtures to be any item that is bolted to the floor or walls, and a fitting to be any item that is freestanding or hung by a nail or hook. However below is a list of items that is covered under our fixture and fittings response packages and fall under each room within the property.

This plan is class as one of the UK most affordable and comprehensive plan on the market.

Facility services starting from £39.99 now starts from £29.99 for limited time only


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Carefully analyse our policies and what is covered under fixture and fittings. Our policy also dictates what we will respond to in the event of an emergency.....register-now-button-3