Savida Facility & Construction Network Limited “Recommendation Scheme”: if you recommend a client to us who subsequently use our services from start to finish you will be eligible for 5% of any profit we make. This offer has never been done my any company before; we are the first to reward you so handsomely for all your hard work. Just think of the amount of money you could make, just by recommending us. There are two ways to recommend us-

  •  If you can show us two written quotes for your project then we will beat it guaranteed
  • Three bedroom house outside window all round cleaning £20* per month guaranteed
  • NEW Driveways from £800

Direct Recommendation - by giving the clients our details

Indirect Recommendation - With the client permission, give us there details here and we will contact them

Our Details 

Telephone - 020 7 856 0119

Email -

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We are a very ethical and respect business and will not pass on or use any details giving to us other than what it was stated for. We will not solicit to the recommended person and will only discuss what was outline in your recommendations for the purpose of clarifying that there is a project to be done.