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Savida FM — were every little matters!

Maintaining a residential or commercial property can be very expensive; especially labour and callout charges. This is in the cases of landlords, homeowners, small and large commercial businesses.  No won is ever immune from these cost.

With over 25 years in the building, facility and maintenance sectors, we decided to establish a deferent type of maintenance services. One with no hidden costs or lengthy paper works; one that would cut the costs of maintaining any area of your property.

We have created a property maintenance service which also incorporates facility management for both residential homes and small businesses. We even went a bit further to make it a monthly subscription service, without call out charges* or T&C barriers.

Now homeowners, landlords and small businesses can get their property looked after, when something goes wrong.

Our dedication to you
Special Services

We want to be a household brand that brings joy and happiness to people who are hard hit. No one should live below the normal standard of today society. Hence we have now introduced a special property maintenance service for pensioners and disable home owners are tenants.

Living Standards

Over the years we have reached out to the less fortunate to increase their living standard; hence in the next 5 years our aim is to save households and small businesses, their owners, hundreds of pounds each month, whilst keeping their surrounding save, secure and accommodating.

Service Benefits

To provide a value for money service; we have teamed up with management companies, estates agencies, and social housing providers, to help cut their property maintenance cost. In exchange they have been allocating these savings to other areas, or back to their customers.


We have been establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relations and becoming reliable partners to companies and residential homeowners nationwide.
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