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“The decision you make now is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is
to employ a great company like us, to take on your project. Why? Well for once, we have many decades of
experiences in our fields; we are honest, reliable, and we love what we do.”
“For us it’s not about having a specific set time to best suit our customers; because we know that our
customers personal and professional lives are full of incessant activities.
So sit back, relax and let us deal with your home cleaning, security and maintenance; and afterwards why
not buy one of our event ticket n treat yourself from all your hard work.
In advance; from us here @ Savida, we thank you for using our services or for just viewing our website.

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We provide multiple level of cleaning


We provide manpower guarding services


We provide all types of maintenance services

Event Services

We have created not only an enjoyable environment, but one that is safe and entertaining. Our events give
you value for money, stylish and a heartfelt reminder of the good old days, when people use to go out
looking for a great time. We have hand pick our DJ’S, our venues and uses our own security officers to
protect you. Our catering services were also procured from some of the industry’s highest quality providers;
ensure that your drinks and food reflect our 5 star entertainments.

Pain staking research of our entire event has become a normal procedure to us, because want your
experience to be enjoying, entertaining and fulfilling; hence our tickets is always sold out. @ Savida events,
we are always looking for ways to express our sincere love of pleasing you, with our hard work and
Check out our next upcoming event here.

Latest Event:
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Events Plus Launch Party!

2019-8-3 12:00am

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