Our History

Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients, delivering quality facility and construction services - couple with competitive prices and value for money . 

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Our Dedications

We are dedicated to providing value for money for all our clients. We are also dedicated to providing safety for our staff and the projects they undertake. We are dedicated to ourselves as an employer.......

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Our Environment

Our partnership with our clients is based on mutual trust on protecting our environment. We will always try to do what is best for our clients and the generation after them by following our company’s values and methods.

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Our Experiences

We have over 20 years experience  in the construction and services industries. Our experience is not just skilled staff & good work - it is also about our clients, their finance and their projects.

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Picture of Jeffrey Savage
Managing Director

Jeffrey Savage

We started out as a small contractor, undertaking and constructing small projects. Now we have grown to become a household brand.

Picture of HR Message
HR Manager

HR Message

Savida FM is a symbol of values, ideas and integrity. We want to bring those values to the construction and facility industry.

Picture of Bryan Bell
Construction Manager

Bryan Bell

Has a construction manager for the pass 20 years, I believed in giving back to the community and will worked tirelessly in doing so.

Picture of We Believe
Team Members

We Believe

We are leaders; we work with leaders and we want to earn your deepest trust by providing the best services ever.


Our People

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Savida FM

Homefix - Homes

Surefix - Businesses

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Customer Charter

This charter outlines Savida Facility & Construction Network Ltd (SFCN) commitment to our customers and partners and how they can help us to provide continuous quality services.

Savida is dedicated to the provision of a high level of service. We are one of the public most well-known household repairing companies. We are also a part of a country-wide network of Facility Companies within the United Kingdom. We are the focal point for household, Landlords and businesses, providing a source of a wide range building repairs and maintenance services.

  • Our services include:
    · Housing and business repairs that are easily accessible
    · Boiler Repairs & Breakdown
    · Electrical repairs & Emergencies
    · Plumbing Repairs & Breakdowns
    · Accesses to a wide range of service information and resources, both online and via our customer services help desk.
    · Professional assistance in using our reporting system
    · Services for people with special needs, including pensioners and communities
    · Note! If you need to see more services please click here

To read our full customer charter click here Savida Customer Charter

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